Writing workshops: Individual, customised, precise

Writing texts is our passion. But we're equally passionate about passing our expertise on to you. We'll convince you and your colleagues that formulating intelligible and captivating texts is an art that can be acquired. Find out in our workshops and individual tuition how to create texts that are professionally structured, build up to a meaningful pitch, avoid expletives and convoluted sentences. After all, you don't want your readers to feel overwhelmed by complexity, nor do you want them to surrender to tedium. You want texts that are simply enjoyable to read.

What makes our concept special: You decide the themes in which you'd like to gain writing experience. These could be economic analyses or market reports, company studies, process descriptions or product information – as economists and management professionals we'll communicate with your colleagues at eye level. And as experienced writers, we know how to craft essays, shape press articles or create advertising texts.

From introductory courses to the final hone – everything's possible. From composing new texts to tuning up existing texts for publication you decide. Individual coaching and feedback lie at the root of our concept.

We want you to enjoy writing, and that others enjoy reading your texts.